The extreme cold in the United States has spread to the usually balmy or sunny south, with temperatures dipping to a record low in Florida. Authorities issued freeze warnings from Texas to the Atlantic Coast, and another cold wave in North East US has people shivering, ABC News reported.

Strong breeze is expected to make the weather harsher, according to weather forecasters. Mercury is 11 to 17 degrees Celsius below normal across the country east of the Rocky Mountains in West USA.

Temperatures dropped across the US heartland, too. In Omaha, mercury dropped to -29 degree Celsius, shattering a 130-year-old record. In South Dakota’s Aberdeen, the temperature dropped to -36 degree Celsius and broke a near century-old record.

The Weather Department expects the cold to ease across most parts of the country after Tuesday, but in the North East, another arctic blast is forecast to bring fresh lows in temperatures on Thursday and Friday.

The National Weather Service has issued wind chill advisories from South Texas to Canada and from Montana and Wyoming in West US through New England to Maine.