The German Police have asked prosecutors to investigate prominent right-wing German lawmaker Beatrix von Storch over her tweet calling Muslims “barbaric” and “rapists”, the Independent reported.

The police in the western city of Cologne had posted a New Year’s greeting on Twitter on December 31. They had also posted it in German, English and French, to ensure that the message reached everyone attending New Year’s festivities in the city, which draw thousands of people every year.

Soon after, von Storch criticised the police and wrote: “What the hell is wrong with this country? Why is the official page of police in NRW tweeting in Arabic?...Are they trying to appease the barbarian, Muslim, gang-raping male hordes?”

Von Storch belongs to the anti-immigrant Alternative for Deutschland, which is Germany’s third-largest party.

Twitter suspended her account and deleted the tweet. She then posted it on her Facebook page, which was also taken down by the social media site. Later, in another post, she wrote that she would continue to call out problems.

Von Storch was referring to an incident in Cologne in 2014, where more than 500 women were sexually assaulted around a cathedral and a railway station. Many of the suspects were immigrants from North Africa.

The politician will be investigated under Germany’s strict laws against hate speech. She could face up to five years in prison if found guilty.