Three-year-old Sherin Mathews, whose body was found in a culvert near her home in Dallas in October, died from “homicidal violence”, an autopsy report said on Wednesday. Local police are likely to give more updates from the investigation later in the day, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Mathews was an Indian girl who was adopted by an Indian-American couple in 2016.

On October 7, her adoptive father Wesley Mathews reported to police that she went missing after he told her to stand outside their house at 3 am as a punishment for not drinking milk. But after police found Sherin Mathews’ body on October 24, he changed his story and said he was with her in the garage trying to get her to drink her milk and saw her die after choking. He was charged with causing injury to a child.

Wesley Mathews’ wife Sini was also arrested for endangering the toddler’s life as the couple had gone out for dinner on October 6 with their biological daughter, leaving Sherin alone at home. They had claimed they did not take her along because she refused to drink her milk, the police had said.