A look at the headlines right now:

  1. Day after Mumbai protests, police bar Jignesh Mevani, Umar Khalid from speaking at a student event: Prakash Ambedkar blamed Hindutva groups for attacking Dalits on the way to Bhima Koregaon and triggering the violence.
  2. Four dead, seven injured after fire breaks out in a residential building in Mumbai’s Marol: The blaze was brought under control around 5 am.
  3. Americans should worry about North Korean leader’s mental fitness, not Donald Trump’s, says White House: Former Vice President Joe Biden criticised Trump for his tweet to Kim Jong-un and called it “dangerously cavalier”.
  4. Pakistani man with Aadhaar card caught entering Air Force station in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan: Purkha Ram has been living in the state with his family for 18 years and was employed as a farm worker, officials said.
  5. Jet Airways grounds two senior pilots for fighting in the cockpit, leaving it unmanned: The male commander allegedly slapped the woman, after which she walked out of the cockpit in tears.
  6. Soon, Uttar Pradesh theatres will display new Kumbh Mela logo before screening a movie: The logo will be shown after the national anthem is played, an official said.
  7. Abandoning cows could soon be a criminal offence in Madhya Pradesh, says report: A proposal was made by the Madhya Pradesh Cow Protection Board, which had earlier suggested penalising farmers and owners who abandon cows.
  8. Railways installs a fog safety device on its trains in North India to ensure fewer delays: The device, which uses GPS technology, will alert the loco pilot about level crossings and signals, an official said.
  9. ‘Don’t make a joke out of the country,’ Pakistan’s Supreme Court tells ISI: The court criticised the top spy agency for doing little when violent anti-blasphemy protests broke out in Islamabad in November 2017.
  10. Former Supreme Court judge KT Thomas says RSS is ensuring people in India are safe: He also credited the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for ending the Emergency.