Former Telecom Minister A Raja has written a letter to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, indicating his disappointment that Singh did not support him when the case related to 2G spectrum allocation scam was in court, ANI reported. On December 21, a special Central Bureau of Investigation court had acquitted all accused in the case.

“You will recall that I assured you several times that I had done nothing wrong [in the issuance of 2G spectrum licences], but rather acted in national interest, and that I would prove this,” Raja wrote on December 26, 2017. “I also understand the compulsions that prevented you from openly supporting me. Today, I stand vindicated”.

Raja said that he hoped the former prime minister would now acknowledge that he had remained “loyal and faithful, unlike some of your Cabinet colleagues”.

“Now that the truth about the 2G spectrum allocation is out in the open, perhaps you too could come forward to offer your support, which you could not earlier,” Raja concluded.

Responding to the letter, Singh said on Tuesday that he was “very happy” that Raja had been acquitted in the 2G case. “You and your family have suffered greatly in this process but your friends are greatly relieved that truth has prevailed,” Singh added.

On December 21, 2017, Singh said the verdict in the case proved that the “massive propaganda” against the United Progressive Alliance was without any foundation.