The Mumbai Police and East Midnapore district authorities arrested a man on Sunday for harassing the daughter of a well known former cricketer. Debkumar Maity had made several calls to the woman and had threatened to kidnap her. Maity had referred to the cricketer as his “father-in-law”, according to the Hindustan Times.

His arrest came after the woman filed a complaint at the Bandra police station. He will be taken to Mumbai.

“He (Maity) also made several lewd comments during his phone calls and even went to the extent of threatening to kidnap her if she rejected his proposal of marriage,” Bhimsen Gaikowar, a member from the Mumbai Police team told the Hindustan Times. Maity never met the woman but had seen her at the cricket pavilion, India Today reported.

Maity’s family have said that he suffers from a mental illness. The police will investigate this and will also look into how the accused managed to get the cricketer’s home landline number, on which he had called.