The Jammu and Kashmir Police on Sunday arrested three people after a video that surfaced on Facebook purportedly showed the Pakistani national anthem being played at the beginning of a local cricket match, Greater Kashmir reported.

The police identified the three as Latief Ahmad, Mudasir and Irfan Ahmad, who they believed organised the match at Arin village in Bandipora district on January 3. Officers said they were looking for 22 others who had participated in the game, including two government officials.

In the 1.45-minute clip, the Pakistani national anthem plays after both the teams – one in green jerseys similar to the ones the Pakistani cricket team dons and the other in whites – line up on the ground, The Indian Express reported.

Senior Superintendent of Police of Bandipora Sheikh Zulfikar Azad told Greater Kashmir that the police had held a “counselling session” in the village. “But since the act was anti-national, we will be arresting all 22 wanted in the case,” he added.

In a similar incident in April 2017, youngsters in Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district were detained after they played the Pakistani national anthem at the start of a local cricket match.