India on Monday pushed back against the United States’ efforts at the World Trade Organization to initiate a legal challenge against its solar power policies, Reuters reported.

On December 20, 2017, the US government had decided to take India to the global trade body for allegedly not complying with the the WTO’s policies on solar power. It contends that India failed to adhere to a 2016 WTO ruling, which said New Delhi had broken trade rules by making it mandatory for solar power developers to use Indian-made cells and modules.

In 2013, Washington had complained to the WTO, claiming that US exports of solar items to India had declined 90% since 2011 because of India’s “discriminatory practices”. The World Trade organization had given India till December 14, 2017, to comply with the verdict.

On Monday, India said it has changed its rules to conform with the WTO ruling, and the US government’s claim for trade sanctions has no basis. “India underscores that the United States’ request is not a valid request,” India’s representation at the WTO said, adding that Washington did not follow the proper legal procedure and failed to to mention any specific level of trade sanctions that it proposed to impose.

The global trade organisation’s Dispute Settlement Body will meet on January 12 to adjudicate on the case.