Workers excavating a site for a Metro line outside Mumbai Central Station on Wednesday evening found two crude bombs, PTI reported.

The explosives were buried in the ground near the Maratha Mandir cinema hall, The Indian Express reported. Metro officials informed the local police, after which bomb detection and dog squads were sent to the site.

The police said the squad found old firecrackers stuffed into a casing, but there was no detonator or metal shrapnel.

“It was a crude explosive and very old,” the newspaper quoted a police officer as saying.

The explosive was buried a metre under the ground, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 3) Virendra Mishra told The Indian Express. He added that before the Metro construction began, there was a toilet block and shops by the roadside. “The explosive was found below those structures,” he said.

The devices have been sent to the Kalina Forensic Science Laboratory for examination.