Flight operations at Ahmedabad airport were disrupted on Thursday morning after a cow was found wandering on the runway, The Times of India reported. An international flight and a cargo plane were diverted to Mumbai for landing instead of Ahmedabad on account of the incident.

Airports Authority of India Chairman Guruprasad Mohapatra confirmed the incident to The Times of India, adding that the cow had entered through the cargo side. “But it was controlled soon,” he said.

Between January and October 2017, 976 wildlife strikes were reported at all Indian airports, The Indian Express reported on January 1. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation in its response to an RTI query filed by the newspaper said it had detailed measures to be taken to reduce the number of wildlife strikes.

“They [the state governments] have been advised that Airfield Environment Management Committee should take proactive measures on a time-bound basis to ensure that no illegal slaughter houses, garbage dumps, etc exist in the vicinity of airports, which is a source of increased bird activity and may lead to wildlife strikes to aircraft during approach/take-off,” it said.