Shambhulal Regar, the man who is accused of killing a Muslim labourer on camera and burning his body in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand town on December 6, linked the murder to “love jihad” in order to hide his relationship with a woman he called his “Hindu sister”, the police have claimed in a chargesheet filed on Friday.

“Love jihad” is a term Hindutva groups often use to accuse Muslim men of entrapping Hindu women on the pretext of love, to eventually convert them to Islam.

The police claim that Regar linked Mohammad Afrazul’s death to “love jihad”, Article 370 and Islamist terrorism so that his relationship with the woman would not be discovered, the Hindustan Times reported. The chargesheet adds that the woman Regar called his sister eloped with a labourer from Afrazul’s village in West Bengal, and Regar could not bring her back despite efforts. Later, she returned on her own.

After this, Regar killed Afrazul because the labourer would help people from West Bengal find employment and accommodation in Rajsamand, police suspect. Police also said they had recovered a diary in which Regar had written down all the remarks he made in the murder video, The Indian Express reported.

The chargesheet also says that a year before the murder, Regar began to watch videos of Hindu and Islamic extremists, “love jihad”, Section 370, terrorism, reservations etc.