Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said on Saturday that the state cabinet had decided to supply 70 litres of water per day to every village household in the state, ANI reported on Sunday.

“The cabinet has decided to provide 70 litres per capita daily of water to every household in all villages. As of now, water is fully provided only to 45% of villages in the state,” Naidu said. “According to the new policy, a drinking water supply corporation will be set up. All houses will be given water within three years.”

He said that the state would require Rs 22,000 crore to implement this project, which it would raise from banks.

“Technology will also be efficiently used. Quality work will be done through outsourcing. At least seven reservoirs will be built in every district so that water supply is stabilised,” Naidu said. “In every village with a population more than 5,000, underground drainage will be built. In villages with populations [ranging from] 2,000 to 5,000, drains will be built. In less populated villages, double pits will be provided.”

The chief minister also said that the state cabinet had approved the construction of the Bhavanapadu port, in a public-private partnership with the Adani Group. Naidu also claimed that the state government would build 18 lakh houses by January 2019.