Nobel Peace Prize laureate and social activist Malala Yousafzai on Thursday said that everyone needs to take collective responsibility and promote the education of young girls across the world. Yousafzai was speaking at a session at the World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland.

“No one person will be able to do this,” the 20-year-old said. “I [alone] cannot send all girls to schools. What I can do is send as many girls as possible. I try to reach out to as many girls as possible.” Yousafzai said that it was important to remind everyone that they can contribute in this cause. “This is a responsibility we should all realise.”

Yousafzai added that it was crucial to educate young boys about women’s rights. “When we talk about feminism and women’s rights, we are talking to men. We have to teach young boys how to be men.” Asked about powerful men such as United States President Donald Trump, the Nobel laureate said she was disappointed to see people in high positions talking about women in unequal terms.


The social activist talked of her recent trip to Lebanon where she met female Syrian refugees. One girl there told her that she wanted to become an architect.

When Yousafzai asked her why, the girl said that she had seen a lot of destruction and devastation while fleeing Syria, and had decided that she would help rebuild the country once she goes back. “You have to speak out for those girls,” the activist said. “They are a resource for their community. If we do not raise our voices, then these girls will never be able to have a voice or rights.”