An Uttar Pradesh journalist took to social media on January 28 to complain about the inaction by the state’s women’s helpline after she called for help against two drunk men who were chasing her. Damini Mahaur said the police reached out to her only after she tagged Chief Minister Adityanath, the Senior Superintendent of Police and Director General of Police in a social media post about her ordeal on January 25.

Two people have been arrested in connection with the incident, ANI reported. The accused have been booked for harassment and stalking, Agra Assistant Superintendent of Police Shlok Kumar said.

Inspector General Navneet Sakera, who runs the 1090 helpline for women, apologised for the delay, The Times of India reported. “We have suspended two communication officers who failed to follow the standard operation protocol and showed laxity,” Sakera told the daily.

Mahaur had described her harrowing experience with the accused.

On January 25, at around 8pm, I was followed from near Bhagwan Talkies by two inebriated youths on a motorcycle. They first made gestures at me and started stalking me. I was on foot. Initially I ignored them, but then they attempted to talk to me. Fearful, I changed my route, but they still followed me. I decided to take a picture of the number plate, but the pillion rider said it was a fake number and even struck a pose. There was no fear or shame on the youths’ face.

— Damini Mahaur on Facebook

The journalist said the incident shows that criminals could get away with much worse. “What happened with me that night was not such a big incident,” Mahaur wrote. “But such men who chase and stalk a lone woman without any fear of police made me ashamed. They chased me. The next time they might rape a girl and destroy her life.”