The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Tuesday gave a verdict in a 100-year-old property inheritance case that first started in a Rajasthan court in 1918, Geo News reported.

The case was about a dispute over the inheritance of 700 acres of land in Bahawalpur, a region that was considered to be part of the Rajputana states before the Partition, The Times of India reported. Bahawalpur is currently a city in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

The complainants had claimed that the property belonged to their elder brother Shahabuddin, who died in 1918. The case was transferred to Pakistan’s Supreme Court from trial courts in 2005.

The top court’s bench on Tuesday said the property should be distributed among the heirs under the Islamic law. “The court will not deprive anyone of their legal share,” the bench said, according to The Times of India.

According to Geo News, there are thousands of cases that have been pending before Pakistan courts for decades. Amendments needs to be made in the Pakistan Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, and the Evidence Act to reduce the number of such cases, the report added.