A 26-year-old law student died in Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad on Sunday after he was attacked by a group of men with hockey sticks, broken pipes and bricks near a restaurant in the city, NDTV reported.

Based on a video of the incident, which went viral on social media, the police had identified a travelling ticket examiner with the Railways as one of the attackers.

“We can see the men in the CCTV footage, but except for Vijay Shankar Singh, we have not been able to identify the rest,” Sukriti Madhav, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Allahabad, had said earlier in the day. “We have formed special teams to arrest the accused.”

The police identified the victim as Dilip Saroj, a law student at Allahabad Degree College. Based on a complaint by Saroj’s brother, the police have registered a First Information Report. Saroj and his friends had gone out to dinner at the restaurant, the police said. They reportedly got into an argument with the attackers, which soon turned violent.

“After dinner, we were sitting on the stairs that lead to the restaurant. Three people came, pushed us, abused and went to the restaurant on the first floor,” Saroj’s friend Prakash Singh was quoted as saying. “We followed them to the restaurant to confront them which is when they started beating us. I was hit with chairs too, but I managed to escape.”