A youth allegedly stalked and killed a 22-year-old woman with an axe in Ghaziabad on Wednesday, four days after he had been let off on bail for harassing her, The Times of India reported on Thursday.

The accused, Sachin Sharma, then went to a police station carrying the axe and surrendered, NDTV reported. The woman had married less than a year ago, an act which angered Sharma, unidentified police officials said.

On February 8, Sharma stopped the woman on her way back from an exam, the victim’s uncle Ram Bharose Lal said. When she refused to talk to him, Sharma followed the woman up to her relatives’ house and started a quarrel, he alleged. The accused was arrested and charged with disturbing peace, but a sub-divisional magistrate released him on bail on February 10, the daily reported.

On Monday, Sharma had allegedly sent the woman a threatening message with a picture of a gun.

Around 5 pm on Wednesday, the woman was returning home from the market when Sharma allegedly attacked her near a railway crossing, inflicting wounds in her neck, chest and stomach. “She bled to death on the spot,” Ram Bharose Lal said.

The woman lived in Loni with her husband and was on a visit to her parents’ home in Modinagar.