Exiled former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed (pictured above) on Saturday said his country does not want any trouble between India and China over its political situation. Speaking at an event in Bengaluru, Nasheed said India was a “net provider of security” when problems erupt in Indian Ocean nations.

The island nation has been in a state of emergency since February 5 after President Abdulla Yameen defied a Supreme Court order to release political prisoners and bring back Nasheed. Former President Nasheed had urged India to help resolve the crisis. When India reacted to the emergency, Chinese state media had responded that New Delhi should not interfere in the affairs of the Maldives.

“We don’t want India and China against each other, not at all,” Nasheed said on Saturday during a session at a conclave by The Hindu. Maldives is of immense strategic importance to both India and China, he said.

“We do like China,” Nasheed said. “I have nothing against China. All that we are saying is do not attempt to change [our] state type [from democracy to autocratic], do not push your money in secrecy, have transparency and have democratic oversight, and things will fall in place.”

He added: “We are not asking for the sun, the moon and the stars. We must make sure [of] India’s national security and safety because we are just next door.”