The average internet speed in India was ranked the slowest among 88 countries, according to a list prepared by mobile analytics company OpenSignal. India was ranked below Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Indonesia. This was despite the fact that India has 86.26% 4G availability and is ranked above countries such as Switzerland, Belgium and Singapore.

In its report titled “The State of LTE” and released earlier in February, OpenSignal said it had analysed more than 5,000 crore measurements of speed collated between October 1, 2017 and December 29, 2017. It had analysed over 38 lakh smartphone and tablet users across six continents.

According to OpenSignal’s November 2017 report, the average 4G speed in India was 6.13 mbps, but it declined to 6.07 mbps in the latest report. “The bottom ranks in our speed chart feature several countries with large populations – and therefore large mobile subscriber bases – that bring down the global 4G average,” the report said. The 4G networks in the countries ranked lowest lacked the capacity to “deliver connection speeds much faster than 3G technologies”, it said.

Singapore topped the speed chart, with an average download speed of 44.31 mbps, followed by the Netherlands at 42 mbps. Among 4G availability, South Korea topped the list with over 97% availability, followed by Japan, Norway, Hong Kong and the United States.