Congress President Rahul Gandhi criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government of compliance in the Punjab National Bank scam on Saturday. Gandhi took jibes at Modi’s statement following reports about the alleged Rs 11,380 crore fraud involving businessman Nirav Modi. The Congress president was speaking in poll-bound Karnataka’s Athani.

The Congress leader demanded to know how the finance minister and prime minister “allowed” the scam to happen, PTI reported. Gandhi alleged that the scam was worth Rs 22,000 crore. “Action will be taken?” Gandhi asked. “You first make us understand how did Nirav Modi take Rs 22,000 crore from Indian banks under the nose of Narendra Modi’s government.”

On Friday, the prime minister broke his silence on the Punjab National Bank scam to promise a crackdown on financial irregularities.

Gandhi also took to twitter to deride the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government. “Under Modi Ji’s Jan Dhan Loot Yojana’, another scam!” Gandhi tweeted. “Rs 390 crore involving a Delhi based jeweller. Same Modus operandi as Nirav Modi. Fake Letters of Undertaking. Predictably, like [Vijay] Mallya and Nirav [Modi], this promoter too has disappeared while the government looked the other way.” The Congress leader was referring to reports about another loan default case involving Dwarka Das Seth International Pvt Ltd.