India on Thursday urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to ask Pakistan to stop cross-border infiltration and end its support to terrorist activities, ANI reported. At the ongoing 37th session of the council in Geneva, India said the problem in Kashmir was terrorism, which is backed by Islamabad.

Mini Devi Kumam, the second secretary at India’s mission to UNHRC, was replying to Pakistan’s claims of human rights abuse by New Delhi in Kashmir. She pointed out human rights violations in Balochistan, Sindh and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Pakistan has “habitually” been misleading the UNHRC on internal matters of Jammu and Kashmir, she added.

“Pakistan has long been attempting to mask its territorial ambitions and use of terrorism as a state policy under the guise of concern for human rights,” Kumam said. “This council should be mindful that the dubious concern for human rights is coming from a country which has systematically abused and violated the human rights of the people in Baluchistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well as Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.”

She also urged the UNHRC to call on Pakistan to stop forced conversions of minorities and persecution of political dissidents.

“Terrorism is the grossest violation of human rights,” Kumam said. “The real problem in Jammu and Kashmir is terrorism, which has constantly received sustenance from Pakistan and territories under its control.”