A man in Uttar Pradesh has alleged that surgeons at a private hospital in Mathura left a needle embedded in his six-year-old son’s head after a surgery, The Indian Express reported on Friday. The complaint was uploaded on the chief minister’s grievance redressal portal, Jan Sunwai.

The boy was taken to the KD Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre on February 15 after falling down the stairs. He received stitches on his head at the hospital.

“I decided to bandage the wound during Holi festivities to prevent colour from seeping in,” Daudayal, the father, told the Hindustan Times. “That was when I found a pointed needle-like object inside his head.”

Daudayal, a resident of Akbarpur village in Chaumuha block, has also filed a police complaint at Chhata Kotwali in Mathura.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Rajeev Gupta said that he has formed a three-member panel to investigate the matter. “I have sent the boy to the district hospital where surgeons will conduct the investigation and submit a report,” Gupta told The Indian Express. “Further action would be taken accordingly.”

The management of the medical college have denied negligence on their part. The institution said the father of the boy had tried to blackmail them. Administrative Officer of KD Medical College Amit Sharma said that after the boy was treated at their hospital, the parents had taken him to some other place to change the dressing.

“The child had been taken somewhere else for dressing three times,” Sharma said. “If there was any sharp object in the head then why didn’t they see it during the first dressing.”