Maharashtra Food and Civil Supplies Minister Girish Bapat told the Assembly on Tuesday that the government is considering incorporating a law to make the adulteration of milk a non-bailable offence, PTI reported.

Under the proposed law, culprits will face a three-year jail term. “If the imprisonment period is increased to three years, there will be no scope of bail for the accused,” Bapat said. At present, adulterating milk is a bailable offence that carries a six-month prison sentence.

When several legislators demanded life imprisonment for those convicted in such offences, the minister said it would be difficult to enact such a law, IANS reported. The state has four mobile vans to test milk. “The mobile vans would conduct tests more frequently on the milk carried in vans entering Mumbai and some other parts of the state,” the minister assured the House.

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Ameet Satam, who raised the matter through a “calling attention” notice, claimed that 30% of the milk brought into Mumbai is adulterated. The authorities do not conduct regular checks because of a staff shortage, he added.