A Congress MP on Friday moved a private member’s resolution in the Rajya Sabha, seeking that the national anthem be amended to replace the word “Sindh” with “North East India”, ANI reported. Ripun Bora said the word “Sindh” represented the Sindh province which is now a part of Pakistan, and hence should be removed from the national anthem.

“North East India is an important part of India. It is unfortunate that it is not part of the national anthem,” he told ANI. “But Sindh is mentioned, which is no longer a part of India, but of Pakistan which is a hostile country.”

Bora said Rajendra Prasad, the first president of India, had said on January 24, 1950 that the composition called Jana Gana Mana was the national anthem of India, the lyrics of which could be altered if the government of India authorises it.