The Kerala Police on Friday filed a case against Jouhar Munavvir T, a social science professor at Farook Training College in Kozhikode for making sexist remarks about Muslim women, The Indian Express reported.

Students across the state have been protesting against Munavvir for saying that Muslim women who do not wear the hijab properly expose their breasts like sliced watermelon. A video of the speech recently went viral. The incensed students carried sliced watermelons to demonstrations, while some protested by sharing bare-breasted photographs on Facebook, which the social media company took down. Others shared photographs carrying sliced watermelon.

“This remark is not just anti-woman, it’s anti-human,” Jaik C Thomas, the state president of the Students’ Federation of India said. “A person like him should not be allowed into any college in Kerala. We conducted a march to the college yesterday and today and will continue to raise our voices. The college students have complained to the management and will forward it to the education department as well.” The students’ organisation and the Kerala Students’ Union organised a protest march on Thursday.

The Muslim Students’ Federation has also registered a complaint against Munavvir with the principal of the college CA Jawahar, who had earlier claimed that the professor made the remarks at a counselling session three months ago outside the college.