The Law Commission on Tuesday urged those part of the debate on the Uniform Civil Code to refrain from commenting on practices such as polygamy, nikah halala, nikah mutha and nikah misyar as the matter was now sub judice, The Times of India reported.

The law panel said its recommendation on whether to implement a Uniform Civil Code in India may be delayed further as the Supreme Court has admitted a petition agreeing to review the constitutional validity of practices such as polygamy and nikah halala. The panel on Tuesday gave stakeholders time till April 6 to send their final comments on the Uniform Civil Code, The Times of India reported.

The Law Commission exempted triple talaq from the list of such Islamic practices as the Supreme Court had already declared it unconstitutional.

The Uniform Civil Code is a contentious subject in India. Currently, major religious groups have separate personal laws for matters such as marriage and inheritance. The Uniform Civil Code seeks to replace these separate codes and create a common law for every Indian citizen.

In January, the Law Commission had said it would hold consultations with political groups and religious scholars to decide whether it was the right time for the Uniform Civil Code.