Facebook on Wednesday announced new privacy tools which will allow users to have more control over the personal details that they share with the company. The new tools were unveiled amid calls for people to delete Facebook after it emerged that a British firm, Cambridge Analytica, had used data of more than five crore Facebook users to allegedly influence elections in the United States.

In an announcement on their blog, Facebook said the revamp was already in progress, but the recent events had underscored the importance of them. Facebook issued full-page advertisements in several British and American newspapers on Sunday to apologise for the data breach scandal. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg also admitted to mistakes that led to the breach.

Facebook announced that it will allow users to permanently delete anything, including old posts, from their timeline or profile from a new section called Access Your Information. The social media website introduced new shortcuts that will make it easier for users to find information about privacy, security and ads.

A comparison of old Facebook Settings menu (left) and the new menu (right). Image Source: Facebook
The new menu to access personal details. Image credit: Facebook