A woman from Delhi’s Nihal Vihar area stabbed a Flipkart employee 20 times for a purportedly late delivery of a mobile phone, The Hindu reported on Thursday. On Wednesday, the police arrested the woman, Kamal Deep, and her brother Jitender Singh for attacking and robbing the man.

The police said they received a call at 9 am on March 21 that a man, identified as Keshav, was found lying injured along a drain in Chander Vihar area. A police team rushed to the spot and took him to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital.

In his statement to the police, Keshav said Kamal Deep had been calling him repeatedly and complaining about the delay. The Flipkart employee said he had come to the accused’s house in Nihal Vihar to deliver the mobile phone on March 21. There, Kamal Deep stabbed Keshav repeatedly with a kitchen knife after an argument. Jitender Singh initially tried to intervene, but then he too attacked the delivery man.

The police said the man’s wrists had been slit several times and the siblings had tried to kill him by strangling him with a shoe lace. An unidentified police officer told the daily that the accused robbed him of Rs 40,000 that he had collected in cash from other customers. “They dumped him near a drain late at night,” the officer said. “The victim has been stabbed all over the body.”

“Neighbours said that the woman is extremely short tempered and she often gets into fights with neighbours over minor matters,” another police official said.