A Jet Airways flight from Dubai with 133 people on board hit a parked catering vehicle at the Delhi airport on Sunday night, PTI reported. The aircraft was moving towards its parking bay when its right wing hit the catering vehicle. The wings of the aircraft carry the fuel and high-speed collisions could lead to a fire.

“When the aircraft was taking a right turn to park, the wing on the right side hit the catering vehicle,” the Hindustan Times quoted an airport official as saying. A spokesperson for the aircraft carrier told PTI that all 125 guests and eight crew members were deplaned safely and the aircraft was being inspected.

Separately, another Jet Airways flight with 71 passengers and crew members had a mid-air scare when the pilot noticed that the landing gear of the aircraft was not functioning properly, PTI reported.

The flight took off at 6.26 am on Saturday from Lucknow airport, but returned in a “full emergency” situation, an airport official told the Hindustan Times. The official said the pilot decided not continue the journey “as the landing gear failure could have worsened by the time the flight reached Delhi”.

Lucknow airport director AK Sharma told PTI that the passengers were all safe and that the airport was “fully prepared to handle any emergency situation”. Sharma said precautions of an emergency landing were taken when the pilot called. The flight took off for Delhi later in the evening with 26 passengers.