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American and British lawyers sue Facebook, Cambridge Analytica over data breach

They alleged that the data analytics company obtained users’ private information to develop ‘political propaganda campaigns’ in the two countries.

Lawyers in the United Kingdom and the United States have launched a joint class lawsuit against Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and two other companies for allegedly misusing the personal data of 87 million Facebook users, The Guardian reported.

The lawyers alleged that the British data analytics company obtained users’ private information to develop “political propaganda campaigns” in the two countries. Cambridge Analytica reportedly used the data it had collected to bolster US President Donald Trump’s campaign for the 2016 presidential election. It might have also used it in political campaigns ahead of Britain’s European Union referendum.

“The defendants effectively abused the human right to privacy of ordinary Facebook users and, if that were not enough, then the fruits of that abuse are alleged to have undermined the democratic process,” said Jason McCue of the London-based McCue and Partners, which is leading the proceedings in the UK. “This case will go some way to ensure that neither of these things can happen in the future.”

Robert Ruyak, the co-lead counsel in the lawsuit in the US, accused Facebook of failing in its duty to secure the personal information of its users and taking appropriate action against those who had misused the data.

American law firm Hagens Berman has also filed a class suit against the social media company, accusing it of violating privacy and consumer-protection laws, Business Wire reported.

“Facebook has repeatedly failed to uphold its own privacy agreements and policies, and it has brazenly neglected the data security of the billions of those who use its social media service,” said Steve Berman, the law firm’s managing partner. “Instead of choosing to be vigilant, making appropriate investments in data security and stopping this massive harvesting of users’ information by third parties, Facebook stood by as the private information of millions was funnelled into the hands of bad actors.”

The lawsuit was filed on Monday in the US District Court in northern California and seeks to represent all American users who were affected by the data breach. Three users of Facebook’s Messenger application sued the company in California last month, accusing it of violating their privacy by collecting logs of their phone calls and text messages.

The social media company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has admitted to the United States Congress that the company did not do enough to prevent misuse of data. The US Congress will question him over the next two days about how user data was compromised, and how ads and posts were placed by Russian operatives before the 2016 election.

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A musical remix, a delectable dish and a taxi makeover

What do these three works of art have in common?

What connects Raghav Sachar, Ranveer Brar and Taxi Fabric? On the surface, nothing at all. Sachar is known for his genius musical abilities, Brar a chef loved for demystifying food while the essence of Taxi Fabric goes way beyond its name. All three operate, and thrive, in unconnected domains. Upon looking closer, though, a common thread emerges between their work so far - an unmistakable streak of creativity.

Raghav Sachar is a singer, composer and film scorer who was featured in a National Geographic series, My Brilliant Brain, for his prodigious musical abilities - he can effortlessly switch between male and female vocals and play over 30 musical instruments! His adaptations of old Bollywood songs, shot in a multi-screen format, have been especially well received on the Internet.

Ranveer Brar is a well-known chef who is working to expand the idea of food. He has appeared in culinary shows as diverse as Masterchef India, Great Indian Rasoi, Thank God It’s Fryday and Food Tripping. Brar’s work in food media isn’t merely instructional, he seeks to deep dive into food - to the very science of it and its endless aesthetic possibilities. Brar is also a phenomenal food stylist who approaches food presentation as no less than an art, and himself as no less than a food artiste.

Taxi Fabric is a startup that turns taxi seat covers into canvases for artists. Through Taxi Fabric, artists have found a medium to unleash their creativity and activism onto Mumbai’s roads – the iconic kaali peelis. If you get lucky on a Mumbai street, you may hop into a world of Mumbai’s chawls, surrealist Persian architecture, Chandni Chowk and more in your short taxi ride.

The latest projects from these three creatives have a connection too - the same muse, presented by Flipkart. The muse inspired Raghav Sachar to recreate one of his own songs ‘Baahon Mein Tu Aaja’. Watch his new version of the song below.

Chef Ranveer Brar, meanwhile, dipped into his food styling instinct to create a beautiful dish. You can watch his piece of culinary art below.

Taxi Fabric brought on board Arun Chanchal, a graphic designer who describes his aesthetic as geometric surrealism. Watch the stunning result of their collaboration below.

Flipkart revealed the #ExtraordinaryBeauty that launched a musical remix, a delectable dish and a taxi makeover on 20th July. Watch the reveal below.

Honor 9N is the latest in Honor’s range of beautiful, yet highly functional, phones. There’s a lot that makes Honor 9N a worthy muse - it boasts 2.5D curved glass design with 12-layer nano coating process. It, moreover, offers full-screen display thanks to its notch design. Honor 9N will be launched in India as a Flipkart exclusive on 24th July, 2018. To know more about the phone, click here. Stay tuned for the launch, here.

This article was produced by the Scroll marketing team on behalf of Flipkart and not by the Scroll editorial team.