The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority on Wednesday approved a new fare structure for buses run by the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport, The Times of India reported. Commuters may have to pay the higher fares from Thursday.

The fares have been increased for trips that are longer than 4 km. The increase in fares ranges from Re 1 for trips between 4 km and 6 km to Rs 12 for trips more than 20 km. The highest fare will be Rs 62, instead of Rs 50, for a distance of over 50 km, The Indian Express reported.

The base fare for air-conditioned buses has been increased from Rs 15 to Rs 20. Monthly passes will be costlier, too. The cost for a 6-km monthly pass will now be Rs 660, higher by Rs 40. A quarterly pass for the same distance will go up from Rs 1,850 to Rs 1,980.

For students of up to Class 5, a monthly pass will cost Rs 200 now instead of Rs 150. The new fare for older students is Rs 250 and Rs 350 depending on which class they are studying in.