The Uttar Pradesh Police have booked a man and two of his friends for allegedly raping his 35-year-old daughter in Sitapur city, PTI reported on Thursday.

Additional Superintendent of Police (South) Martand Prakash Singh said the three men raped her in nearby Kamlapur village on April 15. She filed a complaint the next day and the police have since arrested one of the accused men. Her father and one of his friends is absconding, the police said.

“The woman has a son,” said Singh. “She married almost 20 years ago. However, she separated from her husband and was living with her father.”

On April 15, the man took his daughter to a fair in Kamlapur, around 70 km from capital Lucknow. She told the police that he then called his friend Maan Singh to join them and they took her to their other friend Meraj’s house. They locked her up in a room for about 18 hours and took turns to rape her, she said.

One of the accused has been arrested, while two are absconding, ANI reported.