A model from Indore in Madhya Pradesh took to social media on Sunday to write about two men who allegedly tried to pull down her skirt on a busy road in the city while she rode her scooter, NDTV reported. She said several people stopped to look at what was happening but did not come forward to help her.

The woman said she was driving her two-wheeler when two men rode up close to her, tugged at her skirt and shouted, “show us what is underneath”. She said she tried to stop them but lost control of her vehicle and fell.

“It happened on one of the busiest roads of Indore, and nobody tried to stop them,” she said, and added that an older man who came to help her told her she was harassed because she was wearing a skirt.

“Those guys don’t have any right to harass me because wearing a skirt does not give you a right to behave like that,” she tweeted.

Along with a picture of injuries on her leg from the accident, she posted: “These scars will fade but not the ones on my soul.”

While she has not filed an official complaint yet, Deputy Inspector General of Indore Police Hari Narayan Chari Mishra asked her to contact the police. “We have taken cognisance and are willing to help, Chari told the Hindustan Times. “Indore police will come to her aid as soon as she contacts us.”