A woman in Bhubaneswar on Tuesday filed a complaint with the Mahila Police Station alleging that a priest had molested her after spiking her drink and then made a video of the act, the Deccan Chronicle reported. The police have recorded the woman’s statement and have started an investigation. The priest has not been arrested yet.

According to her complaint, she was in need of money, and the priest – identified as Saroj Kumar Das – had promised her a loan in exchange for gold jewellery. When she went to his house a few months ago with the ornaments, the priest allegedly drugged her by offering her spiked water that made her lose consciousness. He then took her to his bedroom, where he molested her and took photographs and videos of the act, alleged the woman. She said he had tried to blackmail her into having physical relations with him in exchange for the money she needed, The Telegraph reported.

The priest threatened to share the video on social media websites and eventually sent the video to the woman’s husband, relatives and friends via WhatsApp and Facebook, according to the Deccan Chronicle report.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Anup Sahu told The Telegraph that they had filed a complaint and will “take appropriate action in due time”.