The Delhi Police on Monday arrested a DJ for allegedly murdering a man who was celebrating his friend’s birthday at a pub in New Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh locality on Sunday night, NDTV reported. The incident occurred around midnight, Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Vijay Kumar told PTI.

Vijaydeep, who owned a gym, was celebrating his friend Ishmit’s birthday with eight others. He went to the disc jockey, Deepak Bisht, and reportedly requested him to play a particular song. However, Bisht – also known as DJ Yuri – reportedly refused, and this led to a confrontation between the two. Ishmit’s friends reportedly fought with the staff at the pub and Bisht, and flung chairs at them and smashed beer bottles.

Bisht allegedly took out a knife during the fight and stabbed Vijaydeep, who died on the spot. The pub’s bartenders and other staff fled before the police arrived. The police have seized closed circuit television camera footage of the incident and also the murder weapon. They are now questioning and recording the statements of a few employees of the bar.