Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah on Thursday claimed that the Congress was making “desperate attempts” to win the Karnataka Assembly elections in an “undemocratic way”. Shah said the Congress’ efforts would be in vain, as his party would win over 130 seats, PTI reported.

The Karnataka elections will be held on May 12 and the votes will be counted on May 15. Thursday was the last day of campaigning according to the Election Commission’s model code of conduct.

“The way bogus voter cards were made in a flat, the way counterfoils of forms for inclusion of voters were found, the way colour printers and computers were found there, it tells us how desperately the Congress wants to win the elections,” Shah asserted at a press conference in Bengaluru.

The BJP president was referring to the discovery of nearly 10,000 bogus voter ID cards from an apartment in Bengaluru’s Jalahalli area. Both the BJP and the Congress have blamed each other for the incident.

“People are behind BJP in a big way and such attempts [to win the elections in an ‘undemocratic way] will be rendered useless. Without any doubt, a Congress defeat is writ large on the wall,” Shah said.

“I have traversed 50,000 km across Karnataka. We have experienced people’s ire against Siddaramaiah’s government,” the BJP president claimed. He added that there was no question of any alliance with any third party as the saffron party was “way ahead of the half-way mark”.

Shah also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked Rahul Gandhi’s family for only “2-3 minutes”, but that the media had played it up for the sake of television rating points.