A female student who appeared for the National Eligiblity-cum-Entrance Test on May 6 in Palakkad district of Kerala has filed a police complaint, alleging that a Central Board of Secondary Education invigilator stared at her inappropriately. The police have begun an investigation against the accused, PTI reported.

The woman said she and some other female students had to remove their brassieres before entering the examination hall as the garments had metal hooks. However, she felt uncomfortable while taking the exam as an invigilator kept staring at her.

“He kept dropping into the class once in a while. In the entire duration of the test, he came to my class at least four times,” the woman told The News Minute. “The first time, I did not pay much attention when he came and stood near me. But after some time he returned, and I felt that he was standing in front of me for an unusually long time. When I looked up, I caught him staring at my chest.”

“The next time he came, I covered my chest with my question paper,” she added. “I couldn’t see half the questions on the paper, since I was scared to take it off while he was there, looking at my chest. A fourth time, I saw him standing outside the class, near the window and looking.”

The student filed a police complaint on Tuesday night after discussing the incident with her family.

But CBSE Regional Officer Tarun Kumar told PTI that the board had not received any complaint about the invigilator so far. He added that a report on the police complaint was expected by next week.