An inmate in the Faridkot Central Jail of Punjab was booked for allegedly uploading a video on social media in which he is seen threatening Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, the police said on Monday.

Gobind Singh, a murder accused, used another inmate’s mobile phone to upload the video, PTI reported. Kuldeep Singh, the inmate whose mobile phone he used, has also been booked. Kuldeep Singh is a convicted drug smuggler, according to the Hindustan Times.

Speaking in Punjabi in the three-minute video, Gobind Singh purportedly castigates the chief minister for taking a “false vow” on a Sikh scripture to eradicate drugs from Punjab. He said Amarinder Singh had made youngsters drug addicts and asked him to apologise at the Golden Temple.

“Your bad days have begun,” Gobind Singh purportedly says. “I will kill you as God has appointed me for this purpose, jail can’t stop me. I request my brothers and sisters to share this video so that it reaches the CM and director general of police because I won’t be able to call them directly.”

He also complained of water shortage inside the prison.

Inmates shared the video over WhatsApp with outsiders, after which jail authorities noticed it on Sunday. Police then recovered the mobile phone that was used to upload the video.

Jails in Punjab are known for widespread use of mobile phones by inmates. In April, two inmates reportedly called the new jail minister of the state to congratulate him.