The Archaeological Survey of India said it had found remnants of the Bronze Age during an excavation in Uttar Pradesh’s Sanauli village. The authority made the announcement on Monday.

Among the artefacts found were remains of a chariot, four copper antenne swords, copper crowns, greyware pottery, wheels (some without spokes), ornaments, helmets, shields, two daggers, seven channel-like objects and human remains, The New Indian Express reported.

Institute of Archaelogy Director SK Manjul said the discovery puts India on par with ancient civilisations like Mesopotamia and Greece during which chariots were used. “It seems a warrior class thrived in this region in the past,” said Manjul who is also the head of the authority’s archaeology team.

The official described the discovery as “path-breaking” as copper-plated anthropomorphic figures – having horns and peepal-leafed crowns – were found on the coffins. The findings are indicative of “royal burials”. “For the first time in the entire sub-continent, we have found this kind of a coffin,” Manjul said.