At least 46 Ethiopians drowned on Wednesday after a boat carrying around 100 refugees capsized on its way to Yemen from the Horn of Africa, the United Nations said. At least 16 people are reported to be missing.

The smuggler boat left the port of Bossaso in Somalia on Tuesday morning with 83 men and 17 women on board, UN’s International Organization for Migration said in a statement. Among the victims were 37 men and nine women. Several people on the vessel were without life jackets, officials said.

Director of Department of Operations and Emergencies Mohammed Abdiker said the Gulf of Aden’s tragedy was shameful. “Over 7,000 poor migrants take this perilous journey every month; some 100,000 took it just last year,” he said. “They are treated appallingly and go through horrendous conditions. This has to end.”

Several refugees flee from Horn of Africa hoping to find work in Yemen and the Arabian Gulf.