Karnataka MLA Basangouda S Patil Yatnal on Thursday defended his comments that the Bharatiya Janata Party should not work for the development of the Muslim community, as they had not voted for the party. The Bijapur City lawmaker said elections were a “war between Hindus and Muslims”, reported The New Indian Express.

“I never asked Muslims to vote for me, I had faith in Hindus that they would vote for me,” he said in a video that has now gone viral, according to PTI. “Hindus are the one who ensured my win in the elections. I will work to develop the Hindu community, not the Muslims.” He also asked corporators to not allow women clad in burkas, bearded men and those wearing caps – a stereotypical portrayal of Muslims – near their office, reported The New Indian Express. According to reports, Yatnal made these statements at a function in Bijapur on Monday.


On Thursday, Yatnal also criticised journalists and said the media’s coverage was nowadays biased. “The media won’t question Muslim leaders like Abdul [Asaduddin] Owaisi who comment against Hindus but you people question only Hindus. Media is biased,” he said, according to The New Indian Express.