The Rajasthan Police on Saturday arrested a man for allegedly killing his four-year-old daughter, PTI reported.

Superintendent of Police for Jodhpur Rural, Rajan Dushyant, said 26-year-old Nawab Ali Qureshi allegedly killed his daughter as a “sacrifice during Ramzan”. The incident took place at Pipad in Jodhpur district on Thursday, according to Hindustan Times.

“I am a Namazi and I love my child more than my own life,” Qureshi told the police. “I offered my daughter as a sacrifice.”

An unidentified police official said that Qureshi had brought his daughter back from her grandmother’s place on Thursday. At night, while the rest of the family was asleep, he took the child to the veranda. He made her sit on his lap and recited some verses before slitting her throat, reported PTI.

The police said the family searched for the child in the morning and found her body on the ground floor of the house. The police have filed a case of murder against the father.