A Bharatiya Janata Party MLA in Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday urged women to not give birth rather than produce children who end up ruining society, ANI reported.

Pannalal Shakya, who spoke at an event in his constituency Guna, cited an old couplet that says women should remain childless rather than give birth to children who are not devoted, charitable or brave. He then asked women to follow the advice. “It is my request, women should not give birth to sons and daughters who bring deformities to the society or spread vices.”

Shakya reportedly made the suggestion after accusing Congress leaders of wiping out the poor instead of removing poverty. “There are women who give birth to such leaders,” he said.The legislator cited the example of Ram, whose character in the mythological epic Ramayana “makes us praise his mother Kaushalya, who brought him to the world”.


In March, Shakya said girls would be safe if they do not have boyfriends. Earlier, he had questioned the patriotism of cricket captain Virat Kohli for choosing to have his wedding in Italy instead of India.