A Bharatiya Janata Party MLA in Uttar Pradesh has owned up to making phone call to a state electricity department official and accusing him of raiding only Hindu families for power theft, NDTV reported on Tuesday. Sanjay Kumar also claimed during the phone call that almost 90% of those who stole power were Muslims.

“Provide me the data pertaining to the raids you conducted at Muslim homes since April 1,” the Chail MLA is heard telling Executive Engineer Avinash Singh. Singh recorded the conversation in which the MLA can also be heard saying he will take the matter to the state government and get a case filed against him.

Kumar then reportedly orders Singh to raid Muslim localities. “I will take up the matter in Lucknow,” he is heard saying. “You people have the habit of harassing Hindus only. It seems you have been soft on the other community.”

Kumar told PTI that the conversation had taken place a few days ago. He claimed people in his constituency would not spare him if he did not act against the biased action by the power department in favour of one community.

“I also want that power theft should stop and the revenue increases,” he said. “But it seems that the raids are not carried out to increase revenue. They are carried out to strike deals. I am of the view that instead of punitive action, the department should take action aimed at improvement.”

He said there should be “no selective action against any community, and action should not be initiated against electricity consumers on the basis of religion”.