Governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir will speed up the machinery and provide prompt service to everyone in the state, Governor NN Vohra told the Hindustan Times in an interview published on Tuesday.

“Administrative functioning during the period of unitary rule is not anti-people,” he said. “On the contrary, such spells are utilised to speed up the machinery and render prompt service, particularly to the neglected elements of society and those living in underdeveloped areas.”

The state has been under governor’s rule since June 20, a day after the ruling coalition collapsed with the Bharatiya Janata Party ending its alliance with the Peoples Democratic Party.

He added that the governor’s rule meant there would be better governance and greater focus on development. “I am unaware of the genesis of the [talk on the] hard line approach,” he said. “The entire administrative apparatus, from the very top to the bottom shall function with efficiency, speed and accountability to serve the people and regain the trust of the common man.”

Vohra added that there was a “need to seek the involvement and support of various elements of civil society to engender a positive environment”. To this effect, he has already conducted an all-party meeting in the state. “Every possible effort shall be made to regain the confidence of the youth,” he said in response to a question about how youngsters can be stopped from taking the violent path. “We have already sought the support of the political organisations and they have offered strong support.”