The police in Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal rescued a woman from her apartment on Friday evening after a man claiming to be in love with her held her hostage for close to 12 hours. Both the man and the woman were sent to a hospital for medical treatment, ANI quoted the police as saying.

The woman, a model by profession, was carried away on a stretcher, the Hindustan Times reported. She is, however, in a stable condition.

The man, identified as 30-year-old Rohit Singh, was armed and he took the woman hostage at her flat around 7 am. He held her at gunpoint in a room and bolted it, police inspector Sanjeev Chouse told PTI.

A police team was sent to the building to negotiate with Singh. He talked to them through video calls, and told them he would kill himself if he was not allowed to marry the hostage. He claimed they were in love but their families did not want them to get married.

“His only demand was that the police help him marry the girl because they were in love,” Superintendent of Police Rahul Lodha told the Hindustan Times. “I told him that no one could stop them as both were adults. We also talked to the girl, who said she wanted to go with Rohit.”

Singh appeared to be angry with the woman’s parents as they had filed a case against him, Lodha added.