Coimbatore Police on Friday said the “disaster management trainer” who had forced a student to jump off a building during a safety drill had submitted fake credentials to the college administration, Hindustan Times reported. Arumugam was charged with causing death due to negligence, after the student died from the fall on Thursday.

On Friday, the National Disaster Management Authority refuted reports that the trainer was associated with the organisation.

A video clip of the incident shows N Logeswari, a second-year student at Kovai Kalaimagal College of Arts and Science, sitting on the ledge while the trainer nudges her to jump, reported The Indian Express. A group of students is seen waiting on the ground with a net to catch her, but she hit her head on the ledge of the first floor as she jumped and died.

Coimbatore Superintendent of Police Pa Moorthy said Arumugam claimed that he had a letter of approval from the NDMA. “When we interrogated Arumugam, we found that he is not associated with the National Disaster Management Authority,” Moorthy told Hindustan Times. “The letter which he had given to the institution was fake. He claims that he is approved by the NDMA, but there is no proof of that. Therefore, we can consider this an impersonation. Since he had done this drill at many colleges, the investigation will look into all of that.”

An investigating officer told The News Minute that at least 20 students had taken part in the training drill and some of them had jumped safely into the net before Logeswari. Authorities of the college told the police that the drill was conducted by the National Disaster Management Authority of India, reported The Hindu.