The police in Jammu and Kashmir’s Baramulla district recently summoned 13 teachers of a private school to a police station to “counsel them” following concerns that they were encouraging students to join the militancy.

Reports had earlier claimed that the police had detained the teachers for allegedly glorifying militancy. A purported video showing the students “acting like militants” was circulating on social media. An unidentified police official told Hindustan Times that another video showed students posing with sticks, pretending that they were guns.

Baramulla Senior Superintendent of Police Imtiyaz Mir said no case has been filed yet. He told that his department has written to the district commissioner, recommending that the school’s registration be cancelled if the law permits it.

The district’s Chief Education Officer Abdul Ahad Gania said his department is conducting an investigation into the matter. “We are investigating the case and stern action will be taken against the school,” he added.

The school management, however, refused to comment on the matter, the daily reported.