A group of people assaulted a Muslim man he went to marry a Hindu woman at the marriage registrar’s office in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh on Monday, ANI reported. Some police personnel at the court saved him from the attackers and also filed a suo motu case against him.

The police have filed a case against two men and several unidentified persons. No one has been arrested so far, Sanjay Panday, the station house officer of Sihani Gate police station, told IANS.

The couple met at their workplace in Noida and decided to get married. “After they fell in love, they decided to marry as their parents were not agreeing,” an unidentified police official told The Hindu. “The girl is a Rajput by caste and the man was Muslim. The couple wanted to register their marriage at Ghaziabad court as a friend told [them] that it is safe and easy process there.”

The couple were discussing their matter with a lawyer at the court, a crowd entered the chamber and began assaulting the man. The woman escaped unhurt, but the man got minor injuries.

A video of the assault was circulated on social media on Tuesday.