Incidents such as lynchings result from frustration when people are not able to find jobs, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has said. “Angst” is spreading everywhere, and people are reacting angrily to their circumstances, she said in an interview with News18 on Monday.

Such crimes are not the reality of just Rajasthan, but of the world, she added. What matters is that the government should react fast to these crimes, she said, claiming that her government had responded quickly and taken strong action in such cases. The action, such as suspending staff and having inquiries, serves as a warning, Raje added.

“This is the problem that stems out of population explosions,” Raje told the news channel. “People wanting jobs...people are frustrated that they are not being able to get jobs. There is angst which is spreading across communities and people. That’s happening everywhere, not just in Rajasthan. It’s not something that is coming out of the state. It’s coming out of the people’s anger...reaction to their circumstances.”

She further said she would have to be “rather much [more] than god” to be able to know about every incident happening in every remote corner of the state.


Rajasthan has witnessed several cases of mob violence. The latest was on n July 20 when a man died reportedly in police custody after he was allegedly assaulted by cow vigilantes in Alwar district. In April 2017, a 55-year-old man, Pehlu Khan, died of injuries he sustained during an attack by a group of cow vigilantes in Alwar. In November, cow vigilantes allegedly shot dead a 35-year-old Muslim man in the district.

Earlier this month, a Supreme Court bench had told the Parliament to consider creating a new penal provision to deal with incidents of vigilantism, saying that “mobocracy” cannot be allowed in society.